I just wanted to say a big thank you from us for the outstanding job you did helping us with this challenge and getting the job done efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism. We had a first meeting together on Monday this week and you now have the job done by Thursday. Getting Victor in place and working by 01 November was critical for project schedules and current workloads.
I am really impressed and grateful for your efforts.

Managing Director

Norwegian Oil Company

  India Strategy' is the necessity for an aspiring start-up like ours. Your custom-made incubation solution and network in the tech eco-system helpemed us in a BIG way - Thanks

Opperations Head

CXO Systems Inc. -CA, USA

Incubating a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need operational support from somebody that possesses local knowledge and global vision. After evaluating various alternatives, we chose Remunance to set up our India operations and are really happy with our decision.

Dileep Nath

Loxodrome Solutions Inc. - San Francisco, USA

have worked with Rajendra for 14 years now and he has helped me launch two startup operations in India and to this day continues to help us stay compliant with the local laws and provides me with the peace of mind that one needs when working in an Indian context. Can't thank him enough.

From Sudhir Menon (Founder -Snappy data),

Portland, Oregon, USA

If you are dealing with a crisis, or if you are looking for coming up with a long term strategy to grow your organization,or if you are looking to get connected to people in the industry who can genuinely share their experiences, then you are lucky if you are working with Rajendra. His ice cool demeanour, combined with strong analytical skills have helped me work my way through many a tough situation when we were launching GemStone's operations in India. His willingness to help team members out, build bonds with them and treat them well were all major contributors to our success with our operations in India. He fiscal prudence is something we relied on completely as we grew our operations in India. His ability to plan things, negotiate the best deals, entice top talent to come and work for the company were assets we could not have done without. His ability to figure out who was engaged and produtive and who wasn't, was something I used as a sounding board at all times. But above all this, I enjoyed working with him because I found him to be thoroughly professional, a good friend, and someone who is very positive in his outlook towards life. I would work with him on any assignment in a heart beat.

From Sudhir Menon (Director of Engineering at Gemstone) & Steve Bean (CFO)

- Portland, Oregon, USA

Ours was a new business and we wanted a BOT vendor who is adaptive, quick learner and highly responsive. Remunance was exactly that. It was a great experience working with Remunance team.


- Excelize Inc.

Remunance executed STPI & Custom formalities for us with Payroll and accounting services, which were done timely. They added high value with smooth migration during our acquisition/merger process which called for Coordination. We are happy with their efficiency and thoroughness.

Pratap Surve M.D. - Interlink Group

- New Jersey, USA

Competing in the global economy takes very careful execution as any company introduces products into and builds a team in new economies. Whether expanding into India or China or any country, having a trustworthy partner in-country like Rajendra at Remunance in India to guide your expansion efforts eliminates enormous risk and raises chances for success. Well done!

From Jeff (Founder and CEO -IntervalZero)

- Boston, USA

When LoyLogic started the process, he found Remunance to be the right partner in getting us started quickly.Given that they have done it many times, they have the right knowledge, and also the right contact with the authorities and within the industries to solve any hurdles that might spring. Post incubation there services continue in back office management so that our team could focus on what is core to our business. Their team is thoroughly professional,creates a plan and provides status update regularly throughout the project.

Piyush Khandelwal, Director

LoyLogic, Switzerland

Remunance helped Politiv to set up Business development unit in India, which is a 100% subsidiary of an Israel company. The work was done in given time and all the required registrations for setting up of the company, the RBI approvals for issue of share capital to holding company was handled efficiently and without any issues.

Remunance handled the assignment professionally and end to end. It saved our time and efforts to a great extent.

A A POLITIV (India) Pvt.Ltd.

Director, Israel

We started using Remunance since 2012. Services included payroll calculation, TDS submissions, monthly financial accounts preparation, audit engagement, tax compliance, and others. Remunance high standard of service and commitment has ensured Mintel with smooth operations in India. We look forward to continue working closely for a greater success in future.

Wai Siong Tang

Mintel - Singapore

Raj and his team were nothing short of a God send for us in liaising with our team and us, providing advice and the best course of action to allow us to operate efficiently and within the law and to the benefit of our employees.”

From Craig (CEO -Formaliti)

- Sydney, Australia