Shared Services

Remunance takes pride in being a tool enabled finance and accounting service provider! After the seamless set up of PEO / EOR entity, Remunance is proud to offer tool enabled finance and accounting services for smooth business operations.

Remunance deploys dedicated team of experts extending efficient, timely & cost-effective support – compatible with the tools of your choice for all accounting and finance services required to manage a successful business. We have a well trained and seasoned team to manage diverse service portfolio that includes - Book Keeping, Accounts Payable/ Receivable, Monthly Payroll, Leave and Attendance or Travel Claim reimbursements. And all these services are managed on the tools of your choice like Concur, SAP, Dynamix, Yardi voyager etc, to offer the best compatibility.

Here’re some of our service expertises elaborated below:

You don’t have to hire an accounting team for managing AP’s anymore; Remunance team is there to take care of it on your behalf. We use client tools and expense/purchase management softwares like concur, voyager to handle end to end AP process bank payment upload.

We train the team and set required standard processes of Expense Management, Purchase Processing and Bank Payment, as per the individual client requirement – without changing the process and flows.

Why Remunance AP service -

  • Immediate Go Live: The project can go live in less than a month as the team is hands-on with the processes.
  • Collaborative Process: Working in tandem with the customer.
  • Transparency: Complete visibility of the execution.
  • Time Zone Compatibility: Extended working hours managing different time zones.
  • Compatibility: The process will have mutually agreed Service-Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Assurance with Responsibility: All routine tasks of purchase processing, accounting and payments gets fully handled by this team. This leaves more quality time in the hands of clients own team for more focused and value added business work.

While Indian market offers abundant potential at the same time it has its own culture, complex compliance requirements, foreign currency payment protocol and different time zones that makes AR more challenging for any foreign entity. With Remunance in place it’s not a challenge anymore; our professional and experts manage all AR for foreign companies (recovering the outstanding payments from their Indian clients).

Additionally, we also share a SOW with the client - discuss, modify and follow it thereafter.

Why Remunance AR service -

  • Support from First Step: We educate the clients on the requirements in India and guide them with right order form /contract drafting to process payment without issues.
  • Forex Remittance Support: We handhold customers in foreign currency remittance process.
  • Taxation Consultation: We help clients to have beneficial withholding tax rates as allowed by the law.
  • Documentation: We ensure the processing of necessary paperwork as required for foreign companies.
  • Expertise & Understanding: With deep knowledge of local laws, language, culture and sheer presence helps in quick recovery of receivables.

India offers abundant young, skilled and smart manpower that attracts many foreign companies in India to form a company. However, understanding the local laws & follow them month over month with the help of limited staff becomes a challenge for all such foreign organisations. With Remunance in place it is not a challenge anymore. Our seasoned payroll processing team in India with an experience of over a decade is committed to provide this service with ADP’s payroll tool for our clients.

Why Remunance Payroll Processing service -

  • One Organization: Single entity managing accounting and payroll for efficient management.
  • Effective: Payroll being a specialised activity, outsourcing it makes it more effective and compliant.
  • Employee Retention: Advanced payroll tool and Employee Self Service portal leads to employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Responsibility: We do provide payment services for payroll which relieves the management completely from the worries of payroll.
  • Assurance: SLAs such as Timeliness, Accuracy and Confidentiality is followed with utmost care.

As a foreign entity, are you set spending lot of your time on looking into accounting, reconciliations, payments, coordination with auditors. With Remunance in place, you don’t have to worry at all.

Let your business be anywhere in the world, we provide you with online Accounting support from India. We use cloud based accounting softwares/ERPs of your comfort. We will coordinate with your CFOs, CPAs, auditors as required and will ensure the accounting is compliant with your countries GAAP.

Why Remunance Accounting & Taxation service -

  • Immediate Go Live : With our trained team, the project can go live in less than a month.
  • Transparency :For the customer, we ensure there are no gaps and there is end to end visibility of the used process.
  • Time Zone Compatibility : Extended working hours become available due to working in different time zones.
  • Counselling & Feedback: The scope will be discussed and finalised with the client. This will leave the clients CFO/Accountant with more time for value added work like planning, data analysis, helping top management in decision making based of financial data analysis.


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