Senior Quality Engineer


Senior Quality Engineer

Job Code: Layr03
What You Need

    We’re looking for smart, gritty, outside-the-box thinkers (like you!) to keep innovating and moving forward. You as Senior Quality Engineer will be responsible for writing Cypress tests that will exercise the front-end of our platform along with well-defined API’s. Why us

  • Advanced Tech Stack - Our architects are using the most advanced technologies available to help you go fast to deliver value every day.
  • Get to production faster - Our CICD pipeline will level up your development skills to help you produce the best code of your life. This will put you on track to delivering great work into production fast.
  • 100% remote work - Our leaders have believed in this model for over a decade making us very effective at this style of work.
  • Flexible schedules - life happens, kids need attention, the roof needs repaired, and pets need vet appointments. As long as you give us 100% every day we will work with you on a schedule that works for you and your family.
  • Mentoring program - Our leaders are deeply experienced and dedicated to coaching you to be the very best you. Every quarter we will work with you to set individual development objectives to level up your skills.
  • Diversity - we are a diverse, multidisciplinary, international team. You will work with people from different backgrounds, countries, and disciplines every day.
  • This is a remote position that involves extensive communication with colleagues using online services, such as Slack and Zoom. The candidate must have a quiet and private location to work from and fast Internet (200 Mb to 1 Gb) for seamless, fluid communications.

    All candidates will be required to pass an online coding assessment.

The key responsibilities of the Senior Quality Engineer are:

  • Work with partners within the organization to develop automated tests for contemporary
  • UI technologies.
  • Testing API’s with automated regression tests
  • Stress testing the platform to ensure our customers have a great experience
  • Develop and document tests by studying information needs, conferring with users, and studying systems flow, data usage, work processes, and regulatory and compliance needs
  • Supporting the development and roll-out of new processes and strategies for improving and sustaining exceptional quality levels while accelerating content development.
  • Participate in code reviews (PR’s)
  • Follows and improves the software development Kanban life cycle
  • Documents and demonstrates solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear tests.
  • Improves operations by conducting systems analysis and recommending changes in policies and procedures.
  • Collaborates with application engineers to find the fastest paths to customer value
  • Supports curating a collaborative team of highly skilled developers capable of empowering their teammates to deliver sophisticated solutions

Relevant Technology Stack (including but not limited to):


  • Cypress
  • React
  • Express
  • Serverless Framework


  • Typescript
  • Tech StackAWS (Good to have some experience in serverless cloud technology; awareness of the same is essential)
  • API Gateway


  • Eventbridge
  • IAM
  • Cognito
  • Cloudfront
  • DynamoDB
  • CodeBuild


  • React, Typescript


  • Nodejs, Typescript


  • GitHub
  • Sonar Cloud
  • Snyk
  • Postman


  • Design Thinking
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Kanban Agile


  • classDesign Thinking
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Kanban Agile

Who you are

  • Adapts easily to changes
  • An eagerness to work with remote, multi-national, multi-cultural teams
  • Fact-driven thinking - without data you're just another person with an opinion
  • Curious to learn and explore new approaches
  • Player / Coach leadership style
  • Efficient work habits – ability to focus on what matters most
  • Obsession with client value
  • Demonstrated strength in talent selection and management
  • Strong execution skills and action bias
  • Willing to work remotely from 11am to 8pm IST

Candidacy Buffs

  • Portfolio that highlights past frontend testing work
  • Experience testing software for highly regulated production environments
  • Open source contributions
  • 6 to 8 years of recent experience in frontend testing
  • Building Automation Test
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Test
  • Jest