Project Engineering

Company Name - Praj Industries Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

With a beginning as a supplier of ethanol plants, today Praj is a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment.

Remunance products / service applicable

Payroll Processing, Leave & Attendance

Number of employees



  • Manage Payroll of multiple locations.
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Being an engg & project company multi level of hierrarchy
  • Different allowances for workers
  • Site based staff
  • Data confidentiality

Our Solution

MarkMyPresence fetch data of different locations using GPRS hence attendance data gets uploaded directly to the MarkMyPresence without any manual interference.
MakeMySalary made payroll a simple task by efficiently collecting data online & processing all locations payroll accurately.
Differenrt allowances, State laws, Data confidentiality all taken care by MakeMySalary for Praj Industries Pvt. Ltd.


  • 11 – Erandawane, Phatak Park, Off Karve Road, Behind Sharada Center Pune – 411004
  •  +91 90211 20140
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