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MarkMyPresence is an integrated Leave & Attendance system. A secure SAAS with features for OT/Comp-Off, over the day shift, LWP, Leave encashment, attendance rule configuration and many more.

How does this system contribute to payroll processing?

Payroll processing is a very significant part of the entire salary module structure of any business resource management model. A simple activity of an employee record of his/her physical or virtual presence impacts the resource productivity graph and in turn the salary payout. A lot of inputs and efforts go in collecting employee monthly data with different parameter combinations based on the company policy.


MarkMyPresence Features

Cloud (SAAS) based Integrated leave and attendance product system.

Centralized and Automated system showing leave and attendance records at a glimpse.

Ease of operation for all level users with secured single login.

Processed, filtered and paperless employee data report.

Embedded with an application function and approval feature for every employee activity.

Covers regular features like timecard, overtime, outdoor, leave encashment, irregularities, shift management, Project based hour entries etc.

Because of the peculiarity of every business, employee policies may vary from company to company and city to city. For eg tracking in-time and out-time may be crucial for a manufacturing or factory setup of engineering, automobile, pharma etc company, where machines are operated with line assembly deliverables. Shift Management forms a core part of resource management in such a set up. The payroll system should be inclusive of this. Or an IT company may need consolidated monthly overview data rather than track day to day basis information. A company of such nature has branches and production units spread across the country, so data capture from any location forms a critical part of resource management. As a time and attendance management system MarkMyPresence,will deliver desired composite inputs to framing the HR policy of any Company.

"MarkMyPresence" makes a critical contribution to the payroll processing module of any entity. MarkMyPresence seamlessly presents in one glimpse employee data with required and focused record filters to review the recorded information, thus delivering data of - " individual employee - anywhere - multi-level / branches - any format - any parameter".

Although as an employer this data of employee presence contributes very little to the overall growth graph - BUT it significantly becomes responsible for employee satisfaction, positive approach or partial, subjective judgments and thereon unrest. Monthly employee records should cover absences, sanctioned leaves, payable days, overtimes, onsite records etc... Has the employee logged in-time or has been onsite or has been late? ... Has the employee recorded his/her leaves with appropriate reasons or approvals? How can we monitor over time or minimal time employee contributions... Such and many more parameters are applicable for recording an employee's leaves and attendance thereon impacting employee salary and contribution towards company growth.

As an automated leave and attendance management system MarkMyPresence helps the HR Manager organize all the crucial inputs of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. Track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering cheques and paying employment taxes to the government all these tasks form crucial employee record.

Why should all type-size companies across any industry any city in India choose MarkMyPresence?

MarkMyPresence is a system that offers companies, processed data of BOTH Leave and Attendance employee record. Why is it crucial to have both these systems as an integrated one? The simple answer is - Payroll processing systems across markets cover leave and attendance records as isolated systems making structured employee record manual, complex and tedious.

Without much inclusion of government or local governing body compliances, this is company policy driven system, making it structured, flexible and customizable to YOUR employee management model.

MarkMyPresence Benefits

  • Automated and Customizable system for all size companies across all types of Industries.
  • Neutral/impartial company policy implementation reducing employee grievance issues.
  • Employer user gets a consolidated data report while Employee user gets all historical data at one go.
  • Accurate calculations nullifying employee revenue leakage.
  • Helps drive resource management by making available the resource availability chart at one go.

Both as an employee leave management system and employee attendance management system it covers daily/monthly records of an employee. Addressing key diverse, subjective and soft employee issues of any company, the system allows company policy implementation without any bias. Being virtually accessible anytime, anywhere it helps companies operating at multi-cities and multi-level quick and easy access to huge employee data.

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