PEO & EOR in India

As a Professional Employment Organization (PEO), we specialize in offering cost effective services for HR, payroll, insurance, benefits, and risk management to foreign companies seeking business expansion to India. In fact, unlike a regular PEO, we also offer extended services like leave management, recruiting, employee training, office infrastructure and HR management.

In short, Remunance essentially takes over all non-core activities leaving foreign companies with sufficient bandwidth to focus on expanding their core business in India. Moreover, by virtue of being the Employer of Record (EOR) in India, we help companies hire a workforce and kick start their business operations in a matter of days, negating the need to infuse additional time and resources in creating a legal entity in India.


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Benefits of PEO & EOR


Hire Remotely

We can help you hire a competent, dedicated and world class workforce in India remotely, either by working with Indian recruitment agencies or by following an indigenized version of your company’s recruitment process, giving you complete visibility of the selection and on-boarding process and negating the need for you to be physically present in India for putting a team together.


Remote Working Teams

Depending on your business needs, we can either help set up an office space in an appropriate location for the India team to work out of or put together a remote working team wherein the employees would operate from their respective home locations and bring down your operational cost. In either case, we have the right solutions in place to ensure that you are able to connect and co-ordinate seamlessly with your employees in India irrespective of their physical location.


Verified Talent

It’s no secret that hiring the right talent goes a long way in ensuring long term business success. By virtue of having a strong ecosystem connect across different industries, we are able to bring high performing world class professionals with a verified track record on board who have the required expertise and competence to spearhead your business expansion in India.


Reduce Operational Costs

We can support your international market expansion plans by hiring dedicated remote working teams on your behalf in India in a matter of days. This would negate the need to set up an office space as well as incurring the costs associated with registering a legal entity and ensuring that it remains compliant with Indian laws.


How PEO Works

Hire the best suited talent :

We help you hire a high performing, world class team in India to drive your business expansion plans in the country.

We onboard :

We onboard your workforce for you in India and help begin your operations within days.

Compliance :

We ensure that your India team complies with all mandatory HR & Legal compliances as per Indian laws.

More focus on business :

We take over all non-core activities like employees’ wage coverage, benefit programs, HR tasks, compliances, leave management, recruiting, employee training, office infrastructure etc. so that you are able to focus on expanding the core business in India.


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  • Who should use PEO services?
  • How long does it take to start PEO?

    Once a foreign company has identified the resources that would be required to expand to a new geography and the PEO services that it would like to avail of while doing so, it can kick start its business operations in 24 hours.

  • What are the documents required to register a ‘Private Limited’ company in India?
    The following documents are required to register a ‘Private Limited’ company in India:
    • Proof of identification for all Directors and shareholders - Pan Card /Aadhar Card / Diving License / Passport
    • Proof of address for all Directors and shareholders - Latest Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Bank Account Statement
    • Proof of address of registered office - Latest Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Water Bill / Maintenance Bill / Sale Deed / Letter or NOC from the landlord with his / her permission to use the office as the company’s registered office
    • DIN and DSC of all the Directors
  • What is the procedure for foreign companies to start business in India / How can I start a branch office in India?

    Foreign companies can set up a permanent entity in India in the form of a subsidiary. For all practical purposes, the subsidiary or the branch office will be treated as a local company in India and will have to comply with all local regulations and compliances.

  • What are the mandatory financial and legal compliance requirements for a subsidiary / foreign company in India?

    All local regulations and compliances that are applicable to any Indian company are also applicable to foreign companies having a branch office or a subsidiary in India.