How it works

  • Let know your plans for india
  • Get your best suited plan to work in india from us
  • Get started with your business operations

Let know your business, your thoughts on possible India activities that you have in mind and the benefits that you are looking for by having India operations. We would also like to know your future plans. That will help us Meaningfully discuss with you different options. During discussions we can propose you certain options and the timeline for each, which will help us in finalizing the way forward.


Model description

During your stint of exploration in India, ‘Indcubate’ is your enabler for success.

  • Staffing & Recruit : We do
    • Recruitment
    • Staffing
    • Employee Support
    • Compliance Management
    • Payroll Processing

    For local and foreign resources to work in India, the staffing process we adopt is an indigenized version of your recruitment process, giving you complete visibility in the selection and onboarding process. Our Payroll Processing services background comes handy when we take care of timely statutory compliance and best practices as employer.

  • Hosting employees : We ensure the team is housed in a suitable city with necessary infrastructure for team to be efficiently productive. We build independent or shared infrastructure. If need be we can house the team in our office.
  • HR and Administrative Services : to ensure the team grows and is in right spirit to perform optimally, we offer specialized HR services, IT and administrative support. Our support services includes
    • Recruitment Support
    • Policy Planning
    • Employee Appraisal
    • Onboarding
    • .
    • Training
    • Exit Process
    • Team Building events and support around daily functions.

Concerns We Address

  • Tech Startup wanting to get quickly started
  • Test and try approach, Unsure of the success in India
  • Control over the operations with Zero investment
  • Reduced burn rate
  • Outsourcing has not worked or is costly


  • Are you an innovator or an enterprise working on cutting edge technology that doesn’t find outsourcing the right fit for you?
  • Do you wish to explore the extensive talent in India but are unsure of registering your company right away?
  • Want to have a control over the talent selection and functionality of your india operations without registering your company name?
  • Want to focus on your work and not the compliance and daily functional activities?