How it works

How it works

  • Let know your plans for india
  • Get your best suited plan to work in india from us
  • Get started with your business operations

Let know India operations details, future plans. That will help us suggest you possible company format and time lines. During discussions we can identify company form, which will help us give you a commercial proposal. This proposal will have detail scope, timeline and the cost break up.


Model description

We cater a basket of services to you to choose from:

  • Subsidiary Formation: Subsidiary formation is a specialized task and cannot be compared with typical company formation in India. When you have hit the ground running and want to establish your indigenous presence, we help you with the subsidiary formation.
    • We give a time bound program of company formation
    • Company registration with different government authorities
    • Legal support
    • Bank account activation, Secretarial support
    • GST registration
    • MSME
    • PF
    • IEC
  • Operational support: With our local presence and connects we will connect you to right, trustworthy people, companies to locate and build -work space, fit outs, IT infrastructure, consultants, service providers. Once the operations start, we provide you will all support services, such as
    • Recruitment
    • Bookkeeping
    • Accounts
    • Compliance management
    • Coordinating with all agencies
    to mitigate petty road blocks and ultimately enhance your productivity of the soft side of the organization.
  • Payroll Processing Support: We are proud to be one of the most sought-after payroll processers in the Indian market. Our specially crafted platforms ensure accurate leave and attendance management of your employees. It takes care of your monthly pay check processing, annual taxations and other compliance requirements. Read more..
  • Compliance Support: Keep your worry away by making the most of our periodic and accurate compliance services for India market validated by our team of chartered accountants and legal professionals.
  • Managing India Operations: If your India management is new and needs some handholding before they can independently takeover the company management, we offer our experienced management team services to be Eye and ears on the ground. Supervise the fund flow and bank accounts. Give you feedback on the non-technical activities, guild you with local culture, expectations and nuances of the soft side of the organization.

Concerns We Address

  • Timebound company formation
  • Want to focus on core tech activities
  • 100% compliant
  • Reliable and experienced
  • Transparent and methodical

BOTS is a one stop shop for entry into India for those who want to form a subsidiary in a timebound fashion and want to focus on core activities without bothering about all support activities.

We are a trusted and efficient partner for organizations planning to set up successfully functional units in India.

We have curated a unique offering for foreign enterprises planning to set up their subsidiary on the Indian shores.

Our board of expert mentors and experienced associates make your new journey in to India stress free and an exciting one.



  • Would you like to ensure a successful experience in setting up business in India either through the Indcubate model?
  • Do you want to grow your operations while exercising full control?
  • Would you like to build excellent plans for your senior Indian executives looking to relocate to India?
  • Do you need high end protection of Intellectual Property (IP) for your tech(nology) company?