Why do you need an Employer of Record (EOR) in India?

With the way the Indian economy and business is booming, several global industries are eyeing India. Not only do we have a rapidly developing marketplace, we are also churning out highly talented and qualified individuals who are ready for work. The challenge, however, arises for these global businesses when they need to tap into this resource pool in India.

Why? Because you cannot legally hire resources in India without setting up a formal business entity here. This comes with a host of taxation and regulatory prerequisites, which can be overheads you don’t need at this stage,

The solution? An Employer of Record (EOR) in India. An EOR service provider is a recruiter in India who will become the on-paper employer for the resources. The EOR will look after HR-related employer responsibilities, their local compliance, and their payroll. In effect, the resources you choose work for you but they’re employed by EOR organizations like us.

EOR Services with Remunance

Your success with an EOR in India largely depends on a mutual understanding with the employer agency in India. Here’s what you get by associating with us as your EOR service provider in India:

  • A partner who understands the Indian market and Indian employee sensibilities.
  • An expert team of accounting, HR, and legal professionals to handle employee taxation, employee benefits, and salary processing.
  • Perfect local compliance for your employees in India.
  • Quick and easy employee onboarding.
  • A fully transparent and self-servicing employee portal.
  • Business expansion in the Indian markets.

Here's How Remunance Does IT For You

Ensure local compliance of Indian employees

Seamless Monthly Payroll Processing and Tax Management

Attractive health benefits and insurance options

IT equipment purchase and management

Reliable logistics support for Visa and travel



Are you an innovator or an enterprise working on cutting edge technology that doesn’t find outsourcing the right fit for you?

Do you wish to explore the extensive talent in India but are unsure of registering your company right away?

Want to have a control over the talent selection and functionality of your india operations without registering your company name?

Want to focus on your work and not the compliance and daily functional activities?


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