Director IT Ops & Compliance


Director IT Ops & Compliance

3 to five years of IT operations experience in a regulated company
Experience with SOC 2
Experience with HIPAA
Compensation for this position will range from ~₹30L to ~₹40L
(~$40K to ~$50K).
Signing bonus of ₹5L (~$6.5K) paid after 90 days of employment
Location: Geography
We would like to hire someone in India,
but because of the nature of their work,
they may need to handle level 3 support issues.
The best candidates will be located in time zones
that overlap with India Standard Time (10.5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time) by three to four hours a day.
Job Code: Layr 01


What You Need
  • We are looking in India for an experienced IT operator who can help us achieve and sustain SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance.
  • We provide a mix of software and outsourcing services,
  • all of which require a rich combination of applications that need configuration to optimize the productivity and security of our employees.
  • Our products and services operate on regulated data.
  • Consequently, we are working towards
  • SOC 2, type 1, and then type 2 compliance.
  • Our Director of IT Operations &Compliance plays
  • an instrumental role in helping us configure our infrastructure, technologies, and services so that
  • we can pass a SOC audit.
  • This remote position involves extensive communication with colleagues using online services, such as Slack and Zoom.
  • The candidate must have a quiet and private location to work from and fast Internet (200 Mb to 1 Gb) for seamless, fluid communications.


  • We are a young company that has grown the technology landscape organically over time.There has never been a professional IT operations person, so we have a mess.
  • The best candidates will see this kind of a mess as an opportunity, and they will also have experience cleaning up this kind of situation. They will know what it is like to operate in a highly regulated environment and how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Suitable candidates will have experience cleaning up messy IT environments but may not have extensive experience doing this for a highly regulated company.

Preferred Skills

    Who you are

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Adapts easily to changes
  • An eagerness to work with remote, multi-national, multi-cultural teams
  • Fact-driven thinking - without data, you're just another person with an opinion
  • Curious to learn and explore new approaches
  • Player / Coach leadership style
  • Efficient work habits – ability to focus on what matters most
  • Obsession with client value
  • Demonstrated strength in talent selection and management
  • Strong execution skills and action bias


An American close-knit crew passionate about pushing the commercial insurance industry forward while helping America’s small businesses be as successful as possible.


    The key responsibilities of the Director of IT Ops & Compliance are:

  • Work with partners within the organization to understand how our employees use technology to deliver an excellent customer experience.
  • Work with our IT outsourcing partner,, to optimize performance and ROI
  • Eager to help colleagues troubleshoot level 3 problems that Electric is not able to resolve
  • Work with our partner Vanta to help Layr achieve and sustain SOC compliance.
  • Determines operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition,requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.
  • Configure infrastructure and services by studying information needs, conferring with users, and studying systems flow, data usage, work processes, and regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Driving the roll-out of new processes and strategies for improving and sustaining exceptional quality levels while accelerating value delivery.
  • Develops policies and procedures to keep Layr secure, compliant, and productive.
  • Developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts to explain data flow, configuration implications, and integration point
  • Improves operations by conducting systems analysis and recommending changes in policies and procedures
  • Develop cost management strategies for containing and reducing infrastructure costs.


  • Advanced Tech Stack - Our architects use the most advanced technologies available to help you go fast to deliver value every day.
  • 100% remote work - Our leaders have believed in this model for over a decade, making us very effective at this work style.
  • Flexible schedules - life happens, kids need attention, the roof needs to be repaired, and pets need vet appointments. As long as you give us 100% every day, we will work with you on a schedule that works for you and your family.

  • Mentoring program - Our experienced leaders are dedicated to coaching you to be the best you. We will work with you to set individual development objectives to level up your skills every quarter.
  • Diversity - We are a diverse, multidisciplinary, international team. You will work with people from different backgrounds, countries, and disciplines every day.
  • Be part of a company with the most cutting-edge practices and technologies plus a unique team.
  • Opportunity to work on challenging, rewarding project with talented colleagues and clients spread all over the world

Thanks for taking the time to review our job, if you think it is a match to your experience and interests please apply today, we are eager to learn more about you! If you know a friend who may be a fit for the job, please refer them.