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Company Name - Praj Industries Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

With a beginning as a supplier of ethanol plants, today Praj is a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment.

Remunance products / service applicable

Payroll Processing, Leave & Attendance

Number of employees



  • Manage Payroll of multiple locations.
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Being an engg & project company multi level of hierrarchy
  • Different allowances for workers
  • Site based staff
  • Data confidentiality

Our Solution

MarkMyPresence fetch data of different locations using GPRS hence attendance data gets uploaded directly to the MarkMyPresence without any manual interference.
MakeMySalary made payroll a simple task by efficiently collecting data online & processing all locations payroll accurately.
Differenrt allowances, State laws, Data confidentiality all taken care by MakeMySalary for Praj Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name - Terra Tech Chemicals (CABB)

Payroll processing, Leave and attendance management for chemical company.

Chemical company remotely situated at Ahmedabad, Gujrat MIDC area.
Being an acidic chemical process company it has to deal with the workers of all categories and levels of management to maintain all these chemical processes hence,

  • Many types of safety norms.
  • Government rules & regulations for employee safety.
  • Adherance to allowances, insurance,medical policies into payroll for employees.
  • Tax, PF, ESIC deductions according to the zones.
  • Leave and attendance management.

Remunance products / service applicable

Payroll Processing

Company location


Number of employees


Chemical process industry works into different time shifts with multilayer hierrarchy of employees, which creates more complex payroll.

  • MakeMySalary adapts the multilevel hierrarchy of empoloyees and their approvers, configures it into own system.
  • Our experts process payroll as per the govenment and industry norms for each employee.
  • Tax filing, Form16 activity, FNF, ESIC is all taken care by MakeMySalary.
  • Leave and attendance, OT reports, Payments, deductions, cost centre wise payroll register reports are generated for the company.


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  •  +91 90211 20140
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