Forming your Company in India - Business Incubation

With mentors, specialist and market drive INDcubate forms an end to end roadmap to complete your company set up in India. Be it delivery centers, production houses, off-shore startups to processing units across India, with a thorough knowledge of local policies and evolving legalities INDcubate partners to drive your business to the market.

Just as a beginning requires support and expertise so does a closure. INDcubate also assists organizations to close down centers or operations in India.

How does INDcubate contribute to the formation and consolidation of a company set up?

It is always better to have a low-risk path when you want to establish your own offshore delivery team in India. Our inDcubation services make it possible to establish excellent operational control without any upfront capital investment.

INDcubate has the potential to be your best employee hosting (Staffing or co-employer) in India. The employee hosting is a feature that facilitates us to offer support to our client by keeping the operations smooth with better personnel management services.

People resources especially growth oriented is a challenge that off shoring companies fear to address. For an organization to succeed , proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnel's to perform the roles assigned to the workforce is crucial. Staffing Services involve end-to-end hiring / recruitment services in India.

We at INDcubate understand that staffing is an evolved process right from creating right profiles to getting the right pool of human resource to execute and officiate the duties assigned to run the organization. A prerequisite to this effect is a staffing company that requires the expertise, knowledge of contexts related to environmental, legal and psychological aspects. INDcubate staffing service is the best as we have the right employee for every situation no matter what the domain, level of experience or the location required, we staff the best according to the clientele.

To set up an office in India requires a thorough knowledge of the geographical viability, technological advancements, culture knowhow, Government support and spread of talent resource. Area or location of the office and other peripheral services of network, communications, security and people force , ALL enrich the growth orientation of the organization. To make such an offshore enterprising initiative succeed a proper incubation program is indispensable and providing the best in the business solution to this question is the niche of INDcubate.

With our pan India network the dream to spread your business on any part of India is made effortless and cost effective for both start ups and branded companies alike.

There are many foreign investors or enterprises willing to look at India with promise of expansion. Companies outside India want to operate in India given the resource and talent availability. Formation of a subsidiary company in India involves various steps and procedures to be followed.

INDcubate deals with every aspect of incorporation for a timely and smooth incorporation with all our services and supports. The firm may be of a start up or of a brand status from any commercial domain. INDcubate bestows our clients with the opportunity to establish the most accessible office in their desired location by allocating the most viable and feasible physical space.

Right from analysis to formation to executing various aspects of running an organization, INDcubate ensures complete support to the parent company in forming their subsidiary company in India. Back office experts take care of various elements required to make a company operational with their core business activities.

With efficient professionals and appropriate guidance INDcubate offers services from staffing , accounting, bookkeeping, secretarial services, payroll to compliances.

For a business to thrive on foreign soil a robust and sound financial wing is very important. With expertise and efficiency INDcubate assures you of quality and knowledgeable HRM and finance support and services. With tried and tested payroll software services and compliance management techniques, INDcubate is ready to shoulder the entire financial aspect of your subsidiary company in India.

Finance is the backbone of the modern human society. Without finance, no civilization can move let alone progress. For the betterment of the human society, the economical strategies of different countries are so very frequently revised in order to give the financial sector required space to modify itself to cater more dividends to the people by allowing incorporation of new ideas and ethics.

Indcubate is a service provider that excels in business incubation program. The thought of researching and exploring new horizons of start up and brand firm incubation process in India is the core vision of our organization. To make a foreign firm flourish on the Indian soil in all vigor from its homeland all while profiting both the market and the firm itself is the main objective of our firm. Indcubate boasts of having some of the great minds, taskforces, techniques, resources and supports services in the domain to help incorporate any and every business with great ascent.

For incubation of a business, a sound financial wing is an absolute must to have. The financial services are not very efficient without the backing of a skilled and experienced set of employees. For this reason the Indcubate HR & Finance Services are indispensible for the companies trying to incorporate into Indian economy.

The financial services of Indcubate are absolutely top notch in quality. We offer consistent and trustworthy advisory consultancy to our client firm about financial matters for deliverance of high quality services in our long term business relation. We do not lag in our efforts to connect our client directly to financial veterans and analysts of professional status for both technical and practical lay outing & scheming in every hour of need and lax. Indcubate financial services include reporting of management and financial workings, external and internal auditing of every books, keeping of financial books and stocks, consultancy regarding accounting & financial matters, matters of taxations for both personnel & firm, handling of all tax documents like corporate tax, local tax, social security returns, income tax etc and various other activities.

To handle such a long listed financial services chart an adept staffing is required which will act as a substitute talent pool for handling the company matters on foreign grounds. Indcubate has an elite force of brilliant personnel who are passionate about their work and are adaptive of any ambience of workspace as long as there are posted in their forte genre. The HR services are capable of manning any and every responsibility that is required to be executed in order to flourish the company’s future in India. The service will help the client firm to concentrate more time on the core operation than on subsidiaries operations. The HR services provided by Indcubate are handling of payroll and the recruitment matters of the overseas joint, the administration services regarding visa, administration as well as training & development of employees and various other activities that complement financial and other services.

How we set-up the INDcubate services

Starting operations outside your country is a meticulous and thorough job. INDcubate helps you form the right form of organization in India. To invest in a center in India is a very strategic decision for any company. To have guidance that is policy-driven, strategic and transparent is a key factor in successful formation of offshore centers. Any business incubation requires to follow the 3 -tier system of formation -


INDcubate delivers with proficiency all the 3 steps of business incubation with a leverage such as:

  • Acts as a perfect catalyst because has thorough knowledge of government procedures and are strong partners in the local policy ecosystem.
  • Effortless roadmap through the registration process with necessary authorities.
  • Services of planning infrastructure, resources and execution policies.
  • Structured format of - ANALYZE, PLAN and EXECUTE.

Pre-Analysis Initiation Execute
  • Understand client business
  • Identify objectives behind ODC requirement
  • Assess requirement
  • Asses viability
  • Confirm viability with customer
  • Prepare implementation plan
  • Document milestone plan
  • Staff deployment
  • Execute Activities as per plan
  • Confirm performance plan
Location Offshore Offshore Offshore
Time frame 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks Ongoing
Responsibility Client functional manager and Remunance ODC specialist Client functional manager and Remunance ODC specialist Remunance ODC specialist

Some shared experiences

Incubation of a Development Center

"When LoyLogic started the process, he found Remunance to be the right partner in getting us started quickly.Given that they have done it many times, they have the right knowledge, and also the right contact with the authorities and within the industries to solve any hurdles that might spring. Post incubation there services continue in back office management so that our team could focus on what is core to our business. Their team is thoroughly professional,creates a plan and provides status update regularly throughout the project."

Director | LoyLogic , Switzerland

Setting up an Offshore delivery unit on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis

"Ours was a new business and we wanted a BOT vendor who is adaptive, quick learner and highly responsive. Remunance was exactly that. It was a great experience working with Remunance team."

COO | Excelize Inc. USA

Incubation for a US based LPO start-up

An LPO company from US, wanted to kick start a processing unit in India. Company had options of tying up with an existing LPO or to start of its own. Considering our knowledge and experience of handling BPO activities of US based organizations and capability to host a team to get production going we were selected as a partner.

"When we decided to setup a local entity in India, we were looking for a company to whom we could outsource our accounting and payroll function who could be our long team partner in supporting the growth of the company in India. Since 2004,Remunance has been supporting us in maintaining the accounts for our management information and compliance needs. The accounts were always timely and accurate. In the past decade there have been several changes in our organization and in the envorment in which we operate. During this period,Remunance has supported us without any disruption to the business and in our cost effective manner."

Director | YSIPL (Yardi, USA)

Business Incubation Services in India

As per a recent study, India ranks second for having most accelerators and incubators centers in India. India is gaining prominence in the global service sector. With a thriving young pool of talent, it is becoming a hub of development and production activities of business. With recent government changes in the approval and regulatory processes for foreign companies, India has centered itself as a strategic outsourcing destination.

The name INDCUBATE - meaning incubation in India offers strategic business consulting services and strategic guidance services with formation on ground for companies looking to start centers across India. We are headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra and act as a catalyst for defining and shaping an IDEA to a real business venture in India.

Why Choose "INDcubate"?

We have mentored and partnered with various companies globally to help them setup centers and offshore development units across India.

Consult global companies on business incubation policies in India and help them make informed choices to open centers across India.

Strategic Policy advisory services with thorough Government and local body information inroads.

Partnership access and knowledge of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis setup.

All kind of resource availability to plan and execute the incubation process in India.