Why is remote team building important especially under PEO?

Remote team building: Why it’s vital for a PEO?

Remote team building is especially important under a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO). Teams hired or handled by a PEO tend to be small in size, and often prefer working from home. This limits personal interaction and exchange of ideas that would otherwise happen during office hours. Hence, it’s necessary for PEOs to invest time in virtual activities that help employees bond.

Why should PEOs invest in remote team building exercises?

Most PEO teams prefer to work remotely. Hence, it’s vital to use these activities as a way to get to know each other better. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce new joinees to the team and the work culture. This helps in establishing a connection even as employees work remotely.

Benefits of organising these activities

It helps foster a sense of belonging among employees. It can spark creativity and provides an impetus for learning. Other benefits include…

  • Provides a platform for employees working remotely to get to know each other

Team building activities give employees a chance to relax, engage and interact remotely. This helps them connect virtually and to bond over games, discussions or a virtual hangout.

  • Gives Human Resources a chance to get to know their staff better

The human resources department of a PEO is generally only involved with employees while overseeing payroll dues being cleared and compliances met. Both the staff and the people working in HR may not know each other on a personal level as interactions are limited and virtual. Hence, such an activity can help boost engagement and lead to fruitful interactions and connections, which can be tapped into when needed.

  • Can be used as a light intervention

When employees work remotely, they have to rely on technology to communicate and get tasks done. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflicts if not addressed in time. Hence, such activities can be used as a light intervention before things escalate beyond control.

  • Can lead to positive interactions and relationships

Fruitful conversations can be an impetus for exchange of ideas. Positive interactions can also increase work productivity. It also sparks creativity and provides an impetus for learning.

  • Helps you identify talent and skills

Working in a team is about leveraging your strengths. Team building activities can help you identify the strengths, weaknesses and talent of a group of individuals you rarely meet but continue to work with on a regular basis. 

Key strategies to adopt to implement effective team bonding

  • Build a squad This team can help you boost engagement and encourage all to participate, keeping energy levels and morale high.
  • Know your time zone If you have a team that works from different parts of the world, you need to plan the activity considering that, to ensure maximum participation.
  • Get the right tech support Ensure your employees have the right tech support for the activity prior to the event. Make sure to do a trial run to ensure things go off smoothly.
  • Consider the seniority of the employee This way all can participate in it.
  • Spice things up Don’t be lazy while planning the activity. Focus on it being fun, informal and informative. The idea is not to limit it to just another zoom meeting.
  • Ask for feedback It’s the only way to measure the success of the activity and to make improvements wherever necessary.

Remote team building can increase trust, improve communication, provide impetus for learning and for being creative. It can also lead to healthy competition among colleagues and can help resolve any work conflicts. This is especially true for PEOs across the world who work with small teams and most interact virtually.