The Onboarding Process for PEO Services in India

The process that goes behind onboarding employees for your new venture in India under PEO is highly structured and expansive. Round about all PEO agencies in India follow this same following procedure. However, the order and time spent on each stage may vary with each agency while setting up a company in India.

So, when does the PEO onboarding process start?

It starts right after resources under PEO in India have been identified. Now, the employees which you need for your India operations need to be allocated to actual work. They can get moving and get some work done for you.

The onboarding process for PEO human resources goes through multiple phases. It concludes when employees are trained and made capable of commencing day-to-day operations.

  1. Initial Stages of PEO Onboarding

One of the first steps that the identified human resources have to take is to sign an agreement. They are then given the offer letter in which their scope of work and job assignment is defined.

Naturally, like any hiring, onboarding the employees from a Professional Employer Organization in India also necessitates compliance activities. These include gathering and verifying bank account details, verifying the documents submitted by the employee, and thorough background checks.

At this stage, a salary account will be created for the employee if it hasn’t been before. Similarly, if the employer engages in employee benefits, necessary accounts and actions will be considered.

  • Wrapping up the onboarding

Once all these prerequisites check out, the employees are then made to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Unlike freelancing or contracting, they are not allowed to take on additional employment or one-off tasks from other businesses.

What happens if the PEO resource is not a fresh one but is transferring from another job assignment? Then obviously, the salary account creation will be skipped but rest of the activities happen as planned. If the employer at the earlier Indian subsidiary provided employee provident fund benefits, those are transferred to the new account.

One of the final stages of onboarding PEO resources in India happens after the NDA has been signed. Now, the employees are given the necessary training for operating in this new work environment.

  • How do seasoned Professional Employer Organizations like Remunance stand out?

We are all about maintaining transparency between the hiring organization and PEO human resources. We care about creating value for all involved parties in the PEO onboarding process. That’s why we offer the services of an ‘Employee Self-Service Portal’ as part of our PEO offering. Basically, this portal which makes the lives of PEO resources and the project manager working from afar, easier.

What facilities are available via this self-service portal?

First of all, the portal has excellent account handling capabilities. Every resource can have their own logins and handle their own data.

Moreover, employees and employer both have access to a leave management facility, a timesheet which logs time and effort w.r.t. tasks undertaken and completed.

The cherry on the cake is, this portal also provides help on taxation and investments of the employees. This is one step beyond just basic HR service management.

In effect, we give better visibility to the entrepreneurs who are juggling a lot of things with their Indian business operations. Remote project managers can breathe easier because of the portal and other PEO services we offer. In the long run, we help you boost your productivity and your subsidiary’s profits.

If you want to have a chat with us about PEO onboarding for your own business, reach out to us.