What is International PEO?

If you have ever considered expanding your business to a new country, you might have heard of “International PEO”. Don’t worry if you haven’t, because we have got you covered. International PEO is a process to easily hire talent from anywhere in the world without having to set up a subsidiary in that country. The best part? You don’t have to deal with all the … Continue reading What is International PEO?


For technology startups and SME’s, India is the destination for its world class resources and to keep the burn rate in control. To take advantage of this, may companies use the time tested outsourcing model but over the years companies have realized that they need something more, something better, like better control over the team selection, work allocation, independence and also control over the cost. … Continue reading PEO BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO OUTSOURCING


The world is getting flat and companies know going global is the mantra forward! Whether you are an ambitious company looking to depute your trusted resource (expatriate) in India for market understanding/ project execution or you wish to start your India operations by hiring local resources, Remunance is your perfect hand-holder in this transition process. Remunance is a licensed professional employer of record (PEO) for client’s staff … Continue reading PEO FOR EXPATS IN INDIA