The world is getting flat and companies know going global is the mantra forward!

Whether you are an ambitious company looking to depute your trusted resource (expatriate) in India for market understanding/ project execution or you wish to start your India operations by hiring local resources, Remunance is your perfect hand-holder in this transition process.

Remunance is a licensed professional employer of record (PEO) for client’s staff in absence of their legal entity in India. If you are a company that has no legal presence in India, Remunance’s PEO in India come handy to transfer your existing staff / personnel to India with no hassles. We can also onboard local workforce for you in India and help begin your activity within days of formalizing your plans.

We ensure all the mandatory compliance of your staff/expats as per Indian laws. We also execute monthly payroll and taxation filing of your employees through our accredited professionals on board.

Through our network of service providers, we assist you with the required visa procedures and paperwork for smooth processing of visa/ work permits.

Accurate management of relocation expenses and reimbursements as necessary is an integrated support Remunance provides to the expats and its clients.

You can rely on us for all the destination services in India like local logistics, hunting the right house in the preferred neighborhood, rental management and local support while navigating through our diverse cultures and geographies.

If you are new to the overall employee deputation/ relocation process, our experts can work with your HR/ lead team to formulate the most suitable relocation policy for your company to ensure seamless transition .

Once you are all set, we will monitor your packing and shipping procedures until your place is all set to move in. We look forward to collaborating with you and welcoming you to India!

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