For technology startups and SME’s, India is the destination for its world class resources and to keep the burn rate in control. To take advantage of this, may companies use the time tested outsourcing model but over the years companies have realized that they need something more, something better, like better control over the team selection, work allocation, independence and also control over the cost. So Remunance introduced an innovative option Indcubate PEO services in India, which offers best of both worlds.

Indcubate is business-incubation in India. This is specially design to help foreign companies succeed in India.

Considering increasing cost pressure and risks involved in availing outsourcing services, small and medium businesses are looking at availing PEO/EOR services in India,

  1. As a business continuity Plan
  1. To avail the services as a small cost per person per month and create own team in India
  1. Advantages of having a dedicated team
  1. Opportunity to have entity in India at opportune time
  1. Have satisfied and happy team with good employee benefits
  1. No upfront investment required
  1. Fully legal compliant operations
  1. No risk of development rights/confidentiality issues

Indcubate PEO will source right people for fulfilling your objectives than make available resource available. Indcubate PEO will build necessary infrastructure than accommodating in whatever available in India.

One of the most important parts of an indcubate PEO offerings though, is effective mentorship; a guiding hand and the nudges to help you grow and navigate the treacherous slopes of succeeding in foreign country like India. In short indcubate PEO is a model which works in a collaborative, transparent and constructive manner with a sole objective of making you successful here in India because if you succeed then we succeed.

With Indcubate PEO model you get benefits of outsource and exclusive team, exclusive infrastructure and exclusive mentoring. That too with Zero initial investment hassles of controlling and managing the subsidiary company.