With the changes taking place now, working from home is no longer a perk only for the IT industry.

Almost every sector is now being pushed into this novel way of operation with its unique benefits and challenges. It is time we explore the opportunities working remote brings to a company.

The biggest advantage remote work brings to a small or medium enterprise is its expansion into newer markets. Possibly international markets beyond their headquarter borders!

Every company aspires to go international at some point and the current scenario creates a conducive atmosphere for it. Hiring resources in more than one country supports operations in multiple ways. It not only helps fill up critical positions that you may otherwise find challenging but can also create backups to take care of existing workload.

Moreover, it helps explore newer territories and may even cut running costs if destinations like India are chosen with relatively lower operational and maintenance costs. The companies can bring on new talent without having to relocate.

In this advent of hiring a possible international remote team, it is necessary to ensure smooth functioning and easy operation at both ends. Whether the company hires one international resource or several, complying to that country’s specific employment laws and requirements is essential.

Tying up with a well-established Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the destination country can prove to be valuable and save effort on navigating through unfamiliar laws. In India, Remunance systems is a great company with impeccable track record of having helped multiple foreign clients to build their Indian teams.

Remunance as your Employer on record (EOR) can take care of your Indian employees HR needs without you having to set up an Indian entity. Remunance can handle the onboarding, training, accounting and payroll services with locally compliant employment contracts and ensure all legal and financial compliance is followed at all times with complete transparency in the process.

This helps expedite your process of internationalization from several months to a few days!

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