The president of America Mr. Donald Trump has extended freeze of H1B and H-4, J1(doctors & researchers), L1(intracompany transfer) visas issuance for new immigrants and suspended work visas for foreigners. The H1B visa issuance will be on hold till this year end. Three in four applications are from India hence it affect the most Indian IT industry.

However, it will not effect those already in US on the H1B visas. Also, there will be new issuance system instead of current lottery system which will favor higher wage level as well as skill level.

But what if you are still willing to work for US based company or can’t wait till you get H1B visa?

We suggest you can lookout for other options like Professional Employer Organization (PEO) / Employer of record (EOR) in India. This way you can start working for US based company without the need of work visa. PEO helps you work with US based company while you are in India. US based companies can start working with their team in India where you can collaborately work with them independently. This model also proved to be more time & cost efficient which makes it different from typical outsourcing.

Many companies from Singapore, UK, Hongkong, Australia are opting for PEO in India as their way out for visa issue during this pandemic. Remunance can help you to setup PEO in all over India with all required legal & infrastructure needs for the team in India.

Till now we had successfully processed PEO in India for 27 companies from all over the world.

Remunance has always been the most trusted PEO partner in India for many foreign companies as well as for indivisuals who work remotley from India.

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