How PEO can benefit Startups

How PEO can benefit Startups

As a new age startup, we understand that your team is your biggest strength! From initial conceptualization and strategizing to streamlined execution once you hit it running, everything rests on your team’s shoulders. It Is well known that most investors also base their funding decisions largely on the potential of a startup’s team.

As such, do you often find yourself balancing between hiring the best suited and highly skilled resources and reducing on the overheads for execution in order to flourish in this competitive market?

We believe, there is a way you could achieve both your goals through a tie up with a PEO (Professional employer organization).

Through a PEO based in India, you could find the most suitable and skilled resources to be a part of your team. Whether you need to add members for high end product development, handling your digital presence and marketing, engineering design or even territorial sales, PEO can be an easy way to onboard a team in India without delving into subsidiary formation hassles.

Tying up with a PEO in India as a startup can reap you the following benefits:

  • Easy Availability of skilled resources
    India has the best in class educational institutes that train professionals for challenging work positions. Skillsets like specialized software development, product testing, data analysis, design services, digital marketing are sought after profiles that startups hire for in India.
  • Reduction of overheads and burn rate
    Overall pay structure and the cost of living in India ensures that your overheads for resources are cut down by a considerable margin in comparison to the western countries and there is no compromise on the quality of work.
  • Time management
    In a startup, we know you are a multitasker and prioritization is key! You can leave the HR management and compliance headaches to us to utilize your valuable time on revenue generating activities
  • Competitive edge with global presence
    The presence of your team in 2 different countries not only gives you a competitive advantage but also builds on your credibility
  • Access and understanding of a large consumer market when you plan to internationalize your business / product
    An added advantage of this setup is your innate understanding of the country through the years of your team’s operations in India. As such, this setup may act as a smoother entry to this potential market if you wish to sell/ internationalize in future.

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