How H1B Visa Suspension Changed Employment Management for USA Companies


There are confusions around the immigration policies in the US visa status of H1B holders in the US, this has made the process and planning of workforce management more complex for employers. The process is not only time consuming but also involves high costs of application and reapplication. 

As such, these companies are now looking at alternative options and considering remote working possibilities to support the workforce from different countries in these times. 

Remunance offers employment solutions to companies in the USA to hire people for themselves and build desired teams for business operations. As a PEO (Professional employer organisation), Remunance lets your team work in India for you under a Remunance contract without causing to form your own company in India.

Through PEO/EOR companies in the USA can setup their own team in India which results in better control over operations and better ROI. This model works differently than standard outsourcing as it allows you to,

  1. Maintain your own work environment and develop company culture within the team
  1. Have complete control over hiring process
  1. Work collaboratively with the team in India day to day 
  1. Get professional HR & Admin support 
  1. Payroll processing and compliance of the team is taken care of 
  1. Access to office infrastructure in India

27+ global companies & startups have already used this model successfully with Remunance, contact us with your plans and  we are ready to help you out.

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