HR Support-how can you use technology or better employee engagement

How can you use technology for better employee engagement?

Every business wants maximum performance from their employees. No matter whether it is your in-house team or the remote team you built with PEO. But have you wondered what kind of employees perform the best? It is the employees who are actively engaged with their work, who find fulfilment and job satisfaction, that perform the best. So, better employee engagement should doubtless be on your radar.

Engaged employees outperform their non-engaged counterparts by 202% – Survey conducted by Self-improvement trainer and writer, Dale Carnegie.

  • The benefits of better employee engagement

The obvious benefit of better employee engagement at the workplace is the productivity of the employees. However, there are several indirect benefits too.

  1. Increased employee happiness quotient
  2. More room for creative innovation
  3. Increased active contribution from employees
  4. Lesser slippage on deadlines
  5. Boosted sales conversions
  6. Integrating Technology for Better Employee Engagement

All of these benefits sound great, don’t they? The next question arises, however, on how you can actually increase employee engagement in your organization. Solid HR policies and attractive employee benefits are 2 of the most commonly used techniques of boosting employee engagement.

There’s a new component to this though. And it has become popular in part due to the trends of working from home: technology!

Yes, you can use technology for better employee engagement. If you want to know how, read on.

  1. Improving Internal Communication

Communication is key, whether it be business or interpersonal relationships. As much as we know our peers and can depend on them, clear, unambiguous communication is still essential within the organization.

Especially with the Work from Home model of working, several employees are starting to feel isolated at their homes. They long to feel the team spirit once again. They want to feel that their team members are dependable. Sometimes, they even need the listening ear of the peer to vent their frustrations.

Technology can play a catalyst role in this aspect. There are remote communication platforms like MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc. that are being used for connecting remote teams. Using these, employees feel a belonging towards the organization, and therefore, feel valued enough to perform their best.  

  1. Initiating Collaborative Learning

Learning is an activity that inherently brings out the best in people. When employees are actively invested in training programs and online courses, they feel they are taking initiatives towards bettering themselves. When business owners themselves organize collaborative learning programs, employees feel assured that any gaps in their knowledge will soon be filled. Instead of being reprimanded, they are instead getting the support needed to enhance their skill.

It is one thing to study material after office hours but quite another to collaboratively move towards a common goal. Organize such learning programs, perhaps on platforms like Udemy or Coursera, and watch as your employees engage better in the workplace.

  1. Increasing Workplace Social Interaction

Man is a social animal. We feel an inherent need to express ourselves. But imagine if your employees came to the workplace behaving like robots and simply gluing their face to their screens. Such a demurring atmosphere!

Times are changing and more and more organizations are lifting office restrictions on using social media platforms. This is because the lively environment which it creates actually boosts employee productivity.

Instead of worrying over the distractions that social interactions in the workplace will bring, turn it to your advantage. Use social media and social interactions as means of solidifying your brand image. Hold selfie contests and other fun social activities at the workplace so your employees feel part of an energetic, dynamic ecosystem.

  1. Introducing Gamification

Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho once said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” Employees often get bored with their daily routine and it brings down their productivity. If you had to keep thinking of ways to stimulate your employees, you’d soon run out of ideas.

On the other hand, if you made gamification an integral day-to-day activity, you would create a thriving workplace atmosphere.

Gamification can be as creative as you can make it. You can link their targets to fun scoreboards or introduce a friendly virtual competition for tracking their performance. Taking cues from the latest digital payment platforms, you can also use rewards and incentives to motivate your employees even more.

Just make sure it is all in the right spirit and does not turn too competitive. Otherwise, you are good to go!

  1. HR Support is a button click away

Better employee engagement is definitely a metric you want to chase. But sometimes, such HR activities may not be your top focus; you want to invest your attention in core business activities. However, that’s like throttling a Ferrari at maximum speed while leaving its wheels behind!

Employees are the driving force of any profitable organization. So it’d be wise to look after them. If you need any kind of administrative HR Support, Remunance is ready to back you up. Just fill out the form that shows up on our contact page to get started.