Hiring Top Tech Talent in India

Hiring Top Tech Talent in India

India has always been in step with the technological advancements of the world. Ever since the technology boom back in 1986-1987, India has always been quick to adapt to the changing trends of technology. As our enthusiasm and creativity became sharper, bright minds of the country went beyond following trends and started creating their own.

The results of this were manifold. Firstly, the surge of tech talent in India led to a complete digitization of our legacy processes. Now, essential governmental services like Aadhaar, railway bookings, income tax, and even the recent registrations for the Covid-19 vaccinations are available online with relative ease. Secondly, because India started dabbling in hi-tech applications and ideas, IT hubs were spawned in Indian metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and to some extent, Pune.

And of course, with smartphones becoming natural extensions of our arms, every technological marvel was designed to fit into a tiny device that could fit into our pockets.

The question now arises for business owners abroad: can we capitalize on this opportunity? Absolutely!

  1. Why should foreign companies hire tech talent in India?

As we’ve seen, there definitely is a fountain of tech talent in India. Apps are the current big thing, and are accessible to almost everyone from the vegetable vendor to the businessman living in a mansion. A sizeable chunk of IT resources in India is channelled towards innovative use of technology into developing apps and ideas that make citizens’ life easier. Some of these ideas and innovations have even recognized India at a global level.

To support this growing need for tech talent, our universities have stepped up their game. There are around 4000 engineering colleges in India, churning out a remarkable 1.5 million quality engineers every year. These engineers are just waiting for challenging job opportunities to engage their creativity and test their knowledge. There are IT recruitment agencies in India waiting to lap up this tech talent.

However, engineers nowadays are also comfortable with remote working and freelancing. So, if you run a tech company outside India, hiring top tech talent in India will have two primary benefits: you will have at your disposal some of the sharpest minds of the tech industry, and also be able to expand your tech business in Indian markets. We have a thriving ecosystem of tech talent, an education system that supports this talent, and a need for tech businesses to take root in the Indian markets.

Why not turn this opportunity into a gold mine? There are IT staffing companies in India waiting to furbish you with the right IT resources for your project.

Things to look out for while hiring top tech talent in India

  1. Consider your target audience

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do,’ says the proverb. Knowing the type of people you’re dealing with helps. Human mentality changes from country to country. When seeking IT recruitments, tailor your job descriptions and compensations to the expectations of Indian candidates by studying the current trends in Indian markets.

2. Maintaining the culture

India is a culturally rich nation. We pride ourselves on our heritage. An employee feels the most productive if he feels she / he is in a comfortable and familiar environment. Respect Indian holidays and cultural festivals. Maintain the proper decorum Indians are used to. 

3. Employee Retention

However much we inch closer to a hyper-connected world, distance matters. Chances are you will never have one-on-one interactions with your tech employees after the initial hiring process. Make them feel valued. Introduce perks like stock options, incentives, overtime compensations, internet allowances and anything else you can think of. Give them challenges that will help them grow. Keep them on their toes with interesting work that makes them want to show up.

4. Career Graphing

Nobody likes stagnancy in their lives. It is in our nature to look out for opportunities for growth, to do better. Clearly show your employees the roadmap to their highest positions. Give them something to aim for.

5. Showcasing the honest ‘face’ of your business

It is not only you who needs to check your candidates’ compatibility with the company. They too need to know your company is the right fit for them. Be vocal on your online channels about your business ethics, the kind of work you do, and the kind of values you inculcate in the workplace.

 The best way for hiring tech talent in India

There are a couple of ways of hiring remote employees in India. Of these, PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is best-suited for hiring top tech talent in India. Not only can PEO maximize your risk management capacity, it can also turn out to be your ally in India. Basically, PEO is an agency that hires employees in India on your behalf. Because your company is situated overseas, you cannot yourself hire employees due to legal clauses of conducting business. A PEO takes care of this problem by becoming the official employer of the tech employees in India.

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