Hiring employees internationally in India in a post covid world

Hiring employees internationally in a post-covid world

The pandemic has affected people and businesses worldwide. It has pushed many to rethink and reevaluate their existing business models. As a result, many firms are also reexamining how they approach new hires to add to their existing workforce. 

Remote hiring was earlier an option exercised by a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) But now, it has evolved to become a regular, seamless, virtual process.

Remote hiring is now the norm rather than an exception

Earlier companies offering PEO services or EOR services would look at remote hiring as an exception rather than the norm. It was mostly used as an option while hiring candidates internationally (who were based abroad). Companies have started exploring remote hiring worldwide. Owing to the travel restrictions and social distancing norms.

Candidates are being screened online and interviews are being held over video calls. Even onboarding and training of new employees is now being organized virtually. While this has motivated companies to come up with innovative technical solutions to adapt to a changing world. It has also highlighted areas that needed to be addressed. These include ensuring employees bond with the company and their colleagues. Also to have an outlet to express their feelings. The top firms understand this very nicely and hence, have hired the best PEO services. The PEO service provider is responsible for hiring remotely and to ensure that the employees get introduced to the firm’s work culture via engaging activities.

The best PEO services can help you overcome the challenges posed by the Great Resignation

The top firms offering  PEO services in India have come up with a remote hiring model that works for all. They have started zoom meetings, webinars, and other activities to engage with employees on a regular basis. At a time when the Great Resignation has become a reality and attrition rates are high, it is important for employers based abroad to hire the right PEO services. Or join hands with PEO companies who can engage with employees regularly and retain them with these employee-specific activities.

Hence, the post-Covid world has led to businesses facing new challenges like retaining talent. Top firms based abroad are already looking at the best PEO companies available to help them make this transition. This is while ensuring they do not lose talent to the competition prevailing. From celebrating festivals online to having virtual get-togethers. Bonding over exercise and other fun activities, these PEO firms now have the experience of executing events both online and offline. Along with their everyday tasks. It’s a multipronged approach that has helped them succeed in a competitive market