Why you should hire content writers & digital marketers in India?

Why you should hire content writers & digital marketers in India?

The field of marketing is experiencing a massive and seemingly irreversible transformation with customer preference increasingly shifting towards digital media, leaving fewer takers for conventional advertising. The proliferation of digital media consumption in India is a result of factors such as the rapidly growing use of the internet, affordable smartphones and access to cheaper data plans. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in in-person experiences being rapidly replaced by virtual platforms, forcing marketing teams to re-strategize and focus on their digital presence more than ever before. All of this has brought Digital Marketing at the front and center of almost every company’s business plan.

In the world of marketing, the message is as important as the medium and therefore, a large part of the success of any digital marketing campaign rests heavily on the quality of the content that it carries. Content is a term that is used to define the text, graphic, video or any other informative element used by an entity to communicate with its online audience. It is the strongest pillar on which the brand reputation of a business depends irrespective of whether it’s a big corporate house or an SME. The quality of content can be judged by its ‘conversion rate’, a term used to describe the rate at which it successfully engages a visitor and converts him / her into a loyal customer.  

A well-crafted piece of content writing used in a digital marketing strategy supported by the right tools and techniques (such as Search Engine Optimization, Website Design & Development, App Development, Google Ads or Adwords, Google Analytics etc.) to engage the target audience allows companies to create interconnected pieces of information which bear a unique, identifiable voice, tone and style across all digital platforms. Hence, in a nutshell, a robust digital marketing plan coupled with compelling content writing form the foundations on which a company can build and grow its digital presence.

India had around 700 million internet users in 2020 and this number is expected to grow to over 970 million users by the year 2025. The Indian digital advertising industry which clocked around Rs. 199 billion in 2020 is projected to reach a whopping Rs. 539 billion by the year 2024, according to a report published by Statista. Moreover, according to a Goldman Sachs report, the digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025 which is three times its current value owing to an increasing number of companies shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Given the rapidly increasing significance of digital marketing & content writing, it is imperative for foreign SMBs seeking international market expansion to bring digital marketers and content writers on board while hiring employees in India. 

India already has a large talent pool of highly skilled professionals with the required training and subject matter expertise readily available thanks to a plethora of institutes offering world class training courses (both online and offline) on Digital Marketing in the country. For instance: 

Institutes offering classroom courses: IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, ISB Hyderabad, DMTI (Digital Marketing Training Institute), IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education) etc.

Institutes offering online courses: NIIT, Internet & Mobile Research Institute, AIMA (All India Management Association), Simplilearn, Digital Vidya, DigiGrad etc.

Consequently, the country is flooded with top notch Digital Marketing & Content Writing agencies such as iProspect & WATConsult (Dentsu Aegis Network Group Companies), Webchutney, Pinstorm, Mirum India, Quasar Media, Ogilvy Public Relations etc. along with a rich ecosystem of freelancers and consultants. 

Having said that, hiring in-house digital marketers and content writers from the Indian talent pool as opposed to outsourcing or working with freelancers or consultants has some distinct long term advantages:

  • Better synergy and faster coordination between these teams leading to faster execution
  • Better agility to quickly adapt the content and strategies to cater to the ever changing market needs
  • Better control on the quality of content and execution plans without the hassles of coordinating with an outsourcing company or a freelancer
  • Undivided attention of a dedicated team which is difficult to ensure while working with freelancers or outsourcing companies who typically work on multiple projects from different companies at a time
  • Seamless integration of digital marketing and content strategies into the new product development & brand building process
  • Complete visibility, understanding and control over analytics data which is crucial to track and improve the performance of digital content

A quick and cost effective way for foreign SMBs to establish a business setup in India without creating a legal entity is to hire a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). A PEO offers cost-effective solutions relating to HR, payroll, benefits and risk management. In this context, it would help the foreign company hire dedicated digital marketing and content writing professionals with the right experience and domain expertise as a part of its India team, keeping in mind the industry that the foreign company would be catering to in India. While the India team would be on the PEO’s payroll, the foreign company would have direct control and coordination with the team and would even have a say in the hiring process. For foreign SMBs seeking global business expansion, Remunance, regarded as one of the best PEO companies in India, has just the right solutions, experience, industry connect and domain expertise to help them hit the ground running in the Indian marketplace with a world class ‘digital ready’ in-house marketing team!