Expanding Into A Global Market

Expanding Into A Global Market

  1. Expanding into A Global Market

The marketplace is going through several changes, some evident, some subtle. If there was one word which could perfectly encompass the situation today, it would be opportunistic. More and more opportunities are opening up, and the world is churning out entrepreneurs who can seize them. In 2020 alone, there were 1.26 million company registrations in India.

Like the business market, the tech industry is also rapidly changing. We live in a world where everything seems to be prefixed with the word “instant”. From instant one-day delivery to instant messaging. We have come closer as a community. So why shouldn’t our business goals align to this change? There is scope for an idea to flourish into something huge which will reach all corners of the world. 

  1. 4 Industries Ideal for global expansion
    1. Technology

Technology defies geographical limitations. People at opposite corners of the world can connect at dizzying speeds. Banking on the admirable speeds of communication and data transfer, techpreneurs are looking into video streaming, online gaming, OTT entertainment platforms, digital content, AI assistants (think Siri and Alexa), and remote banking. There’s plenty of room for innovation and global growth.

  1. eCommerce

Ever wonder why the Amazon logo has that arrow underneath? The arrow goes from A to Z in Amazon, signifying that they sell A-Z products online. While this was brilliant, they’re surely not the only ones selling A-Z products online. Anyone can sell globally on online stores. With a strong supply and delivery chain, you can ship to practically every country. 

  1. Energy and other resources

Fuel is in demand. Additional overheads of storage, transport and maintenance can be taken care of. If you have a genius idea that can minimize or revolutionize the usage of fuel, or maybe eco-friendly alternatives, pursue it. You have a sizeable market opportunity.

  1. Defence

Not all technological innovation is for infotainment. Countries all over the world are behind updating their defence strategies. This includes technological marvels including aircrafts, radars, warning systems etc. Just look at India’s Tejas MKIM military jet or the iDEX4Fauji initiative shouldered by the Defence India Start-up Challenge (DISC). Defence technology has major scope for globalisation for researchers or techpreneurs.

Any business management expert will tell you; India is ripe full of business opportunities in these industries. We’re catching up to the latest technology. We’re as savvy as anyone else when it comes to online shopping. We’re into the fuel trade and our rich heritage makes us a trending favourite for tourists. If you’re looking into setting up offices in India, we can help. Through Indcubate, we provide business consultation services to industrialists looking to expand business in the Indian markets. Drop us a query and we’ll take it ahead!