Eyeing India as the new Business Territory, Choose the right PEO

A perfect PEO partner for establishing business in India Embarking new business into one of the world’s fastest growing economies – India, is undoubtedly a progressive decision. And now is the time to take the right steps in choosing the perfect PEO partner who can support in establishing the business – the way you want. More importantly: a PEO partner having seamless, transparent & efficient … Continue reading Eyeing India as the new Business Territory, Choose the right PEO

Obtaining an employment visa in India

If you are expanding your business to India through PEO/EOR services, Subsidiary formation, or outsourcing work to India, the human resources you allocate to the operations in India will need an employment visa / work visa to work legally. The employment visa is a work permit that allows employees from your country of origin to enter India and work here for a certain period of … Continue reading Obtaining an employment visa in India

Zomato IPO

Zomato IPO: Intro – Food delivery, IPO size, rounds of funding,  Reasons for the popularity and growth, application and I.T. backbone,  Availability of funds in the market, Growth of Indian market,  How can MSME outside India can take advantage of the growth in the market. PEO route.  Zomato IPO Online food delivery, as the name suggests, is a service which enables customers to order their … Continue reading Zomato IPO

Employee Notice Period

One of the Important things in PEO/EOR services in India is Handling human resources. Handling human resources comes with a whole gamut of jargons and concepts. Together, these HR practices help employees to feel productive and secure in their work environment. But what about when an employee wants to leave the company? What happens to the pending work? There’s an HR practice for this too: … Continue reading Employee Notice Period

Ease of doing business in India

Bank on Remunance for establishing Indian business; Country Improves by 79 positions in World Bank Report ‘Doing Business’ Good news for all the companies who are eying India, the fast-emerging market and a developing economy, as the next business destination. The country has improved its ranking by 79 positions in five years (2014-19). In the recent World Bank’s ease of doing business 2020 report, the … Continue reading Ease of doing business in India

How an Indian PEO can help you grow your business

Locals may be okay with flexible deadlines, but clients based abroad may see it as a deviation from the norm. For firms working with foreign clientele and servicing their needs, understanding how bHow an Indian PEO can help you grow your business  Hiring a PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) in India can help you expand your global business plans at economic cost. Indian PEO: The vital … Continue reading How an Indian PEO can help you grow your business

Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

1. Understanding Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a government-heralded initiative started by keeping retirement benefits of employees in mind. Commonly also called just provident fund, it is an instrument of investment which gives employees something to fall back on after retirement. Here we elaborate on EPF with some basic understanding, rules of applicability, PF contributions and other critical information. If you … Continue reading Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Signup with best Indian PEO to hire right talent in India

Signup with best Indian PEO to hire right talent in India

Hire the right talent by recruiting the best Indian PEO Foreign clients looking at setting up business in India should consider hiring an Indian PEO (Professional Employer Organisation). Likewise, businesses looking to outsource and setting up services in India to cut costs, can also explore this option. As businesses offering PEO services in India understand the local market and the challenges, they can help you … Continue reading Signup with best Indian PEO to hire right talent in India

Employee Benefits in India

Employee Benefits in India

Employee Benefits in India The key to the success of any business lies in how it treats its employees. Driven employees are truly an invaluable asset. That’s why they’re referred to as human resources or human capital. As such, all business owners have a vested interest in taking care of their employees, and ensuring they get the right opportunities to support business growth. As a … Continue reading Employee Benefits in India

Corporate Taxes In India


Corporate Taxes in India India is fast becoming a country of booming business. In the past few years, several innovative ideas have come to fruition, with more and more outsiders looking to get into the Indian markets. But whenever a new business idea comes to life, an inevitability follows: corporate taxes. For India to become a lucrative country for conducting business, outsourcing work, or forming … Continue reading CORPORATE TAXES IN INDIA