5 Things to know about work culture in India

5 Things to know about work culture in India

The Indian work environment is a diverse, culturally driven and, highly talented group of individuals who bring about change in today’s fast-paced times. The vastness of its lands and the many cultures and traditions bring about some fantastic results. Touted as the seventh-largest country in the world, the work environment in India is quite different. In this article, we are talking about the work culture prevalent in India.

Being a developing country, the youth of India focuses on communal growth. There’s still some time for us to in still a professional environment as seen in developed nations.

1. Salaries

Indian employees working for Indian or Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) have been reaping the benefits of working in a developing nation and often enjoy ten to fifteen percent hikes annually. 

They also enjoy a slew of benefits in terms of favourable taxation, incentives and, perquisites. The most important factor of living and working in India is the significantly low cost of living and an enhanced standard of living. 

2. Holidays

Indian employees typically have 15-20 days of paid public holidays and sometimes 30 days as well. They also work five days or six days a week.

3. Culture

The youth experiences a wide gamut of cultures and traditions given the size of the nation. This diversification makes way for varied working styles and practices allowing greater flexibility.

Some establishments also strive to achieve a work-life balance by offering perks to its employees. The office premises are swiftly going the western way by offering a productive environment.

4. Working Hours

Indian working hours are the typical nine to five with an exception to support services. These are generally accepted and, recent findings suggest that those work best for us. 

5. Opportunities

Indians have ample opportunities thanks to globalization and constant efforts put in by the Government of India. There are ample opportunities overseas as well as in the Indian markets. The flourishing of PEO (Professional Employer Organizations) Services in India has enabled foreign companies to migrate to India as well. 

India is probably one of the best places to work in today’s times. This point is debatable but in the grand scheme of things, there is no better place to work than in India. What do you think?  Looking to recruit your own team in India? Get started now.