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Creating your hybrid work policy: A complete guide

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been profound changes in how we carry out business and services. Though earlier perceived as a challenge, hybrid working and remote working are now recognized as successful working models across the globe.   Now as we get back to work post-pandemic, it is understood that the hybrid work model is not a thing of the past. Employees are comfortable with … Continue reading Creating your hybrid work policy: A complete guide

Benefits of remote working

Benefits of remote working

Remote working introduced employees to the concept of being productive even from the comforts of their homes. Where Covid 19 pandemic forced organizations to resort to it, to ensure business continuity, it offered employees added benefits like flexibility. Thanks to the new business model, employees didn’t have to fight with traffic signal lights anymore. There were no more in-person longish official meetings or brushing of … Continue reading Benefits of remote working

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Benefits of a remote team

Covid-19 pandemic gave everyone a taste of what work-from-home truly feels like. It took the stress off the plate of many employees and employers around the world. The remote working model has been practiced in the past by many companies even if it got popularized by the pandemic. IBM, the multinational technology company was one of the first top major corporations to experiment with the … Continue reading Benefits of a remote team