PEO VS Contracting

A PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) is an agency which helps companies scout and put to work the right human resources for business operations. Of the 5 ways of international business expansion, PEO comes out ahead in multiple aspects. If you are a foreign company looking to start offices in the Indian region, a good PEO service in India will go a long way in increasing … Continue reading PEO VS Contracting

What is a Certified PEO (CPEO)?

As we have explained in an earlier blog, a PEO can be the unlocking key for your business expansion and growth. A good Professional Employer Organisation will be the partner you can rely on, to take care of tasks like payroll management, HR, and business compliance. However, in the United States of America, there are Certified PEOs (CPEO) which go one step beyond in their … Continue reading What is a Certified PEO (CPEO)?

Subsidiary Formation in India Explained

If your business expansion strategy does not include operations in India, you are missing out on a treasure loot that keeps on giving. India has proved itself to be chock full of opportunities for foreign businesses. The ease of doing business in India has improved greatly, and the prime time to form a subsidiary in India is NOW. Subsidiary formation in India is a relatively … Continue reading Subsidiary Formation in India Explained

Eyeing India as the new Business Territory, Choose the right PEO

A perfect PEO partner for establishing business in India Embarking new business into one of the world’s fastest growing economies – India, is undoubtedly a progressive decision. And now is the time to take the right steps in choosing the perfect PEO partner who can support in establishing the business – the way you want. More importantly: a PEO partner having seamless, transparent & efficient … Continue reading Eyeing India as the new Business Territory, Choose the right PEO