Time Office Management System India

We really appreciate your dedication and commitment to making our India operations successful and are counting on same level of support going forward. – Raj Kulkarni.

– CEO – GemStone Systems.

Time Office Management System India

Time office management made easy with MarkMyPresence.com.

Hr department today in any organization are known as Happiness managers. One big reason behind this is they are expected to focus on how their employees stay happy and satisfied while working with the organization. It is essential to maintain the organizational health and efficiency. If observed, HR department spends most of its time processing payroll even if they have an efficient system in place. And whats the most time consuming part, is the Time office or Leave and Attendance management activity of all the employees. We understand these concerns faced by the HR department and hence Remunance, the leading HR and Payroll outsourcing company offers a smart way of time office management system India. We are specialised with Time office management system and have come up with MarkMyPresence.com.

We enable HR to do something valuable which contributes to the core activity of the organization.

We bring a comprehensive time office management system India that records employee punching details. Our SaaS based system performs in such a manner that will help you manage leave and holidays, and shift roster. Thus, it is robust and effective. We focus on making your Leave & Attendance management activities hassles free.

To give you a small introduction MarkMyPresence.com is:-

  • It is a unique; Saas based application to take away the hassles of managing time and attendance management which is a routine and boring task.
  • It is a foolproof, robust and 100% accurate system to generate consolidated attendance data of employees at the month end.
  • It integrates with Payroll Processing system, seamlessly and accurately.
  • No human intervention ensures zero-error.
  • We help in managing bottom lines

    Remunance takes the responsibility of managing time and attendance in your organization by using best in class time office management system India. Let your organization be a small, medium or large scaled, we not only streamline the attendance recording system but also help you in managing resources well. When attendance recording becomes hassle-free, payroll calculation is no more a problem for you. With user-friendly interface, we are the best in the competitive environment. Our application is lightweight and flexible. Data security and confidentiality is maintained by encrypted data connection and user authentication.

    Why should you use Time and Attendance Management system by Remunance?

    In the fiercely competitive world, you should be one step ahead of others. By automating the mundane task of time and attendance management with Remunance, you enjoy competitive benefits. Our system is distinctly superior to others.

  • You reduce operating and administrative costs significantly.
  • No human intervention and no human errors.
  • Effective Productivity management by monitoring and analyzing absenteeism accurately.
  • Improvement in employee performance and organizational efficiency.
  • Accuracy in processing payrolls.
  • Improved accessibility by local and remote connectivity.
  • Detailed reporting, MIS and operational.
  • Seamless interfacing with peripheral systems.
  • The system brings excellent Return on Investment.
  • Our system module is ideal for both fix-time and flexi-time work shifts. It reduces the burden of employee timesheet processing and manual calculations. You achieve better resource utilization.