Staffing company outsources payroll to better manage growth

For many second-stage businesses, growing pains come from having to form a department for the first time. it came from having to get rid of one.Impact, a staffing firm formed in 2002, watched its revenue climb every year since the recession, from $7 million in 2010 to $16.5 million last year. The company this month will open its first satellite office, in Chesterfield Township, to be closer to manufacturing clients in that area.
Problem: Managing growth and the payroll department.

In 2010, the company had about 300 workers placed with clients to manage. Company leadership saw that as more workers were placed, the hairier things got in the payroll department. President Pete Davis estimated that for roughly every 75 workers placed, Impact had to put another person on payroll duties, which include the tasks of checking attendance, workers’ compensation and disciplinary issues.At this point, he had three people working on payroll management and already the processes were becoming disorderly. As more employees became involved, more basic organizational issues popped up.

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