We have been using the Payroll Outsourcing services of Remunance since April 2008. We have a team of 50 employees located at 2 branches, Mumbai & Pune. – Even though we are a SME we are extremely satisfied with the services we are getting from EXL. The services are timely, accurate, flexible to adapt to changes and personalized – Palak Jhunjhunwala – Head of Business.
– Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Why Select for Payroll Outsourcing Services

1. One-stop-shop for End to End payroll administration right from employee joining to full & final settlement. Statutory compliances and ECS

2. To support your remote offices through Remunance Pan India presence with services being provided in more than 29 locations.

3. Offer a right solution to you with its Expertise and proven track record of working with businesses from diverse industry verticals and size.

4. As you can expect Assured and Consistent service Tested and acknowledge by three Multi-country payroll service providers through their vigorous due-diligence.

5. To provide you with customizable tax tables, calculations and forms by configuring in house developed software platform.

6. Track vacation, sick & holiday pay in addition to regular bonus and commissions.

7. For maintaining Payroll history for each employee and making it available from any-where, anytime 24×7.

8. We can adopt any pay-cycle such as Pay by hourly, weekly & monthly.

9. Maintain a Checks issue register. Generates Cost Accounting Reports, Wage reports (monthly, quarterly & annual) and Management dashboards.

10. To ensure confidentiality of the payroll data, we make Pay slips available to each employee in PDF format through secured login.

11. Generates all year end and quarterly reports for electronic filing.

12. All statutory forms such as Form 16, Form 12, Form 6, and Form 24Q, Form 24 etc. required for filing quarterly and yearly returns

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