Time Attendance System Gujarat

We really appreciate your dedication and commitment to making our India operations successful and are counting on same level of support going forward. – Raj Kulkarni.

– CEO – GemStone Systems.

Payroll Services in Gujarat

One of the most essential functions of the HR department is to ensure that each and every employee gets paid on time and accurately. However maintaining an efficient payroll system demands considerable cost, efforts as well as time along with an expertise on security, compliance and penalties. Most of the companies consider it as a burden as it is not their core area of expertise however in order to be in the business they have to run it, without much choice. However, the best way to deal with the problem is to outsource the payroll services.

Remunance has been managing the payroll services in Gujarat as well as other parts of the India, for numerous clients, since decades. It provides an end to end payroll processing service. Our expertise can be trusted from the fact that we have processed over million paychecks for our clients and that too with 99.99% accuracy.

Following are the various tasks that are covered under the payroll service provided by us:-

Employee Data Management

Management and migration of data required to manage the payroll services.

Payroll Administration

End to end management of payroll administration right from the point of hiring till full and final settlement.

Payment Cycle Adherence

Handle regular as well as off cycle payments. Can incorporate various payment types like hourly payment, weekly, monthly or as applicable by the rules of the client.

Pay slips

Issue pay slips, in a format, as agreed by the client, in a PDF format to the employee’s.

Details of the Pay

We provide a customized view to the tax tables, forms as well as calculation to let the employee understand the salary structure.

Absence management

Keeping a track of the sick leaves, vacations, casual leaves and company holidays along with the management of bonus as well as commission

Payroll History

Efficient maintenance of the payroll history of all the employees and quick retrieval of the real time information, whenever required

MIS and Reports

We maintain a checks issue register, wage reports on monthly, quarterly as well as annual basis, cost accounting reports and management dashboards

Statutory Compliance

We maintain various statutory records such as Provident Fund contribution, Tax Deducted at source etc.

Income Tax Filling

Generate a year end as well as quarterly report for filling Income Tax, electronically.

Statutory Forms

Various statutory forms required for filling quarterly and annual returns like Form 12, Form 16, Form 24Q, Form 6, Form 24 etc. are maintained by us.

We have the expertise and a proven track record of handling the payroll services for various clients from various industry verticals and of different sizes. We are also the Indian partners of three multi country payroll service providers.

Get in touch with our sales team to know more about the service. Our team would get back to you to understand the needs of the payroll administration, right from consulting to its execution. Be it a partial execution or an end to end execution, we can handle both of these for you. Let us handle the hefty payroll task for you so that you concentrate on your core business and grow in size and brand.