Leave Management Tracking Services

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Leave Management Services and Leave Tracking System – Remunance

By Elizabeth N. Marquez

With the introduction of Leave Management Software India, the software to track the leaves and absenteeism of employees, the work of human resource managers as well as that of managers of respective departments has reduced considerably. This software helps the human resource to introduce leaves policies that work in favor of the employees. With flexibility and reliability, managers can track the leave patterns too with the help of analysis report. The software has allowed the human resource department to evolve their policies and align the needs of the employees systematically.

Key Highlights

  • Increases productivity of the organization by streamlining the leaves of the employees
  • Employees enjoy the privileges of leave without disturbing the work process of the department
  • The software helps ensure the compliance to labor laws without any hassles
  • Manages the system of leaves and makes it easy to refer later by managers
  • Define the leaves

    The software streamlines the leaves that are taken by employees and segregates them based on the subjects. It helps define the types of the leaves taken by the employees. The leaves are defined as earned leaves or the privileged ones, casual leaves, sick leaves, compensatory offs, maternity leaves or paternity leaves. This software allows the managers to even create the type of leaves based on the rules and regulations laid down in the organization. They can be classified and configured on the basis of grades, locations as well as designations.

    Increased Flexibility

    The leave system offers the human resource department flexibility in terms of defining the leave based on number of hours worked in a day. For instance, a leave can be termed as a half day that is paid of half day leave that will not be paid. Information of all the types of leaves entered in the system is driven by the rules of leave and human resource policy followed in the organization. Human resource department can even create the required leave policy in the system. The managers can decide the policies for each type of leave that can be taken by the employee.

    Simple to Use

    The configuration module of the Leave Management Software India is very flexible and simple. It is thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the requirements and demands of the human resource department. The user can easily understand the working of the system and use it without any hassle. The user can start defining the leaves right from the beginning.

    The leave management system India for employees allows the human resource department to allocate the leaves to grades that are pre-defined. It provides the flexibility to enter the eligible number of leaves and the annual quota of every leave that is available to the employees. Other features are rules of leaves during the probation period, accrual of monthly leave settings, advance notice of leave application, etc.