Employee Retention Made Simple @ Pharma Companies

Pharma Industry is one of the leading industry vertical within India. Our client is from the same domain and one of the leading company with offices across India.

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As their employees are present across various locations, they were facing issues with the leave and attendance management. Due to flaws in attendance the impact is seen on the payroll as well. We all very well knew one impact on payroll, impacts the business and leaves the employees unhappy.

Being an employee centric company, they wanted a definite system that could handle their Leave and Attendance effectively along with payroll. We being experts in Leave and Attendance Management and payroll services have offered them our solution markmypresence.com (MarkMyPresence is a SaaS based portal that is designed to manage all the attendance related matters), and makemysalary.com (makemysalary.com is a SaaS based portal used to check payroll related details), these two services brought a pretty good change within the company.

Employees started to feel valuable with the add on services that are specially designed for them. The learning from this clients made us help understand the pharma industry. Also, the main concern we noticed was with reconciling the data report that is generated from the Biometric machines. This is effectively managed with markmypresence and the payroll process got easier by makemysalary.

Our services turned out be a WIN WIN situation for the company by retaining their valued employees and are growing by x folds.

7 Tips for Choosing a Payroll Service

Every business, no matter how small, needs to process payroll, and deciding how you want to manage payroll is an important step.

While some small business owners prefer to do their own payroll in-house, there are many benefits to using a payroll service. With so many options to choose from, however, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

If you’re looking into using a payroll service, keep these tips in mind to make the process go smoothly.



Prioritize what you need.

Every business has different requirements, so it’s important to get exactly what you need from your payroll service. The many available payroll services offer a variety of different features. Your decision should depend on your budget and the features you feel would be most useful to your business. “There are many outsourcing services that assist in keeping things like vacation and sick accruals and the like. One needs to assess their ability and time, and buy what they need,” said Tony Rose, accountant and senior partner at accounting company Rose, Snyder and Jacobs LLP.

Consider the Internet.

Online payroll servicesare a great option to consider due to the plethora of features they offer. “With the exponential growth of companies with remote workers and the ever-increasing complexity of payroll taxes and benefits administration, a Web-based, fully integratable system would be ideal for most entities,” James Merlini, president of payroll solutions company WorkPerks Inc, said.  If you’re comfortable with technology and want a more hands-on experience in managing payroll with all the benefits of outsourcing it, an online service might be right for your business. 

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