Leave and Attendance outsourcing is essential for startup companies, says Remunance CEO

As the government of India focuses on revolutionary concepts such as Make in India, there is a remarkable increase in the number of startup companies. More and more people are coming forward with brilliant business ideas. It is needless to say that starting a new business is pretty challenging task today. Incredible cost pressures and cutthroat competition force the budding entrepreneurs to think about optimized methods of operation management. Mrs. Ranjana Vaidya, CEO of Remunance talks about the need of Leave and Attendance outsourcing for startup companies. She was addressing to the budding entrepreneurs in a seminar recently. Remunance is a leading company in the niche.




Mrs. Ranjana Vaidya emphasized that seeking assistance for payroll outsourcing is the upcoming trend across the globe. Nobody wants to take the unnecessary burden of managing routine work of payroll processing.

“When you run a business, the utmost priority is profitability. It becomes further critical for people like you who are young entrepreneurs who want to get established in the business by launching innovative startup companies. Since the competition is cutthroat and only outstanding performers have the chance to win, it is critically important to shed operational burdens.”

“When you outsource the operational responsibilities to a company such as Remunance, you get the best Attendance Management System. Right from managing employee details to leave management and statutory reports to compliance, everything is taken care of in a professional and perfect manner. When you are busy in exploring new opportunities to reach the top, we handle the things for you smoothly and accurately.” He adds.

Not only efficient attendance management, the whole list of benefits is there

“People expect the best value for money when they outsource an operational task to an outsourcing partner. When a seasoned service provider such as Remunance manages it, we work on the minute details of your operations. It results in a perfect system available at competitive rates. We make sure that it doesn’t put the unnecessary burden on the bottom line of your business which is already under tremendous stress.”

“Being a startup owner, you want to have a grip on the operations. For large companies, it is feasible to have a big in-house HR Team to take care of operational and developmental tasks. When you operate with thin profit margins, it is always better to outsource the things. Assign the task to an outsourcing partner and focus on your core business area.

Full-fledged outsourcing or handing over attendance management, the choice is yours

“We offer the whole spectrum of choices; from attendance management outsourcing to complete payroll process outsourcing. It depends on your choice and preference. At Remunance, we have all varieties of clients. A few clients want us to process their leave and attendance, and rest of the work is done by them in-house. Some offer turnkey projects for total payroll processing including statutory reporting and MIS generation. Obviously, investment differs in each case. Hence, you need to calculate the feasibility before making the decision.” He concludes.


Startup companies are small companies with minimal investment and human resource requirement.  Since they operate on small profit margins, it is feasible to outsource mundane tasks instead of appointing in-house resources. Remunance offers cost-friendly attendance management software to a wide spectrum of clients. Their services are feasible, useful and versatile.

Need of Security and Data Confidentiality in Payroll Processing

Security and Data confidentiality are the prime factor that influences the payroll outsourcing decisions. Reason being that this data possess the payroll details of all the employees right from the top Management to the junior executives.Hence companies find it difficult to make their payroll outsourcing decisions.


One of the German MNC with whom we are working today had the same concern. They were keen upon keeping their data secured and confidential. Our IT Policy for data security helped them to have a better understanding on managing th data and its confidentiality at Remunance. However we would like to share few points:

  • Strong firewall protection for individual domain
  • Daily Log monitoring by IT Team
  • Entry to authorized users within the premises
  • 24×7 CCTV monitoring of the premises
  • Strong system passwords with the periodic changes

The list would be never ending if the security and confidentiality is considered. As we are an global payroll processing company, we understand the importance of security and confidentiality. If there is any kind of gap left behind with reference to security it would certainly affect on company’s growth. These all factors helped us to get more international clientele on board.

So when we are outsourcing payroll services we need to consider all these factors. Meanwhile stay tuned for more insights on the outsourcing of payroll…

Employee Retention Made Simple @ Pharma Companies

Pharma Industry is one of the leading industry vertical within India. Our client is from the same domain and one of the leading company with offices across India.

Pharmaceutical image

As their employees are present across various locations, they were facing issues with the leave and attendance management. Due to flaws in attendance the impact is seen on the payroll as well. We all very well knew one impact on payroll, impacts the business and leaves the employees unhappy.

Being an employee centric company, they wanted a definite system that could handle their Leave and Attendance effectively along with payroll. We being experts in Leave and Attendance Management and payroll services have offered them our solution markmypresence.com (MarkMyPresence is a SaaS based portal that is designed to manage all the attendance related matters), and makemysalary.com (makemysalary.com is a SaaS based portal used to check payroll related details), these two services brought a pretty good change within the company.

Employees started to feel valuable with the add on services that are specially designed for them. The learning from this clients made us help understand the pharma industry. Also, the main concern we noticed was with reconciling the data report that is generated from the Biometric machines. This is effectively managed with markmypresence and the payroll process got easier by makemysalary.

Our services turned out be a WIN WIN situation for the company by retaining their valued employees and are growing by x folds.